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Smart Loyalty

What does your company do to put the customer first? Unfortunately, probably not enough. Many companies are more concerned with attracting new customers than retaining existing ones. This while customer behaviour is more volatile than ever and switching to the competitor so easy. As a result, you lose a lot of income. It, therefore, pays to turn your customers into loyal customers. But how? You can do this with an intelligent, measurable and result-oriented customer loyalty model. And that is exactly what we specialise in: Smart Loyalty.

What is Smart Loyalty?

Smart Loyalty is our distinctive view on loyalty marketing. It is a smart customer loyalty model based on a deep understanding of what the customer wants. This distinguishes Smart Loyalty from many other loyalty models that are used at random and will, therefore, probably not achieve anything.

How do we know what the customer wants? By really getting to know him. We have developed a solution for this based on intelligent data. Using smart technology, we can make advanced analyses of datasets of the wishes and needs of your customers. This distinctive approach ensures that you can deploy an effective customer loyalty model that is based on measurable data and achieve maximum results leaving nothing to chance.

Smart Loyalty in 7 steps

We would like to explain how we can implement this loyalty model in seven steps. We start with a loyalty assessment: how do you currently score on customer loyalty? How satisfied are your customers? The second step is data analysis. We determine how you can make your customers even happier. Step three is determining the strategic choices for this. In the fourth step, we make a roadmap and choose the best loyalty programme to achieve the strategic goals, for example, a rewards programme. We implement these resources in an optimised customer journey in step five. In step six, we measure the effect of the chosen loyalty model by examining the data, which ends up in an explicit dashboard. In the last step, we perform a new loyalty assessment to determine the impact of the customer loyalty model.

If you would like to know more about Smart Loyalty, download our free white paper on Smart Loyalty. Or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities without obligation!

Loyalty marketing consultancy

Our Smart Loyalty model also forms the basis for our loyalty marketing consultancy services. The goal of loyalty advice is to arrive at a loyalty marketing strategy that delivers the greatest possible customer value to your organisation.

Based on the assessment and data, we can help you develop a loyalty strategy that will really get your customers excited. If you already have a loyalty programme but are wondering how successful it actually is, we would be happy to make an extensive analysis for you. Making loyalty measurable is our speciality! An explicit dashboard gives you insight into the most important data at a glance.

What are the benefits of loyalty consulting?

You may have a good idea of which loyalty strategies have been successful in the past, but past results are no guarantee for the future. The big advantage of our loyalty marketing advice is that it is not based on suspicions or assumptions but on hard data about the preferences of your customers. Our loyalty marketing specialists can advise you on new campaigns or give you a second opinion on an existing programme.

Our loyalty marketing consultants can also completely unburden you by continuing to monitor the ever-changing needs of your customers. This leaves you the time, energy and money to do what your company is good at.