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Create loyal customers with our smart loyalty programmes

Bind customers to your organisation or brand with a loyalty programme from Sparco. Our cleverly designed programmes encourage repeat purchases and enhance the brand experience. Our loyalty programmes can also give you insight into the wishes and behaviour of your loyal customers so that you can communicate with them in a more targeted manner. Sparco is happy to help you with a customised B2B or B2C loyalty programme and implement it for you from start to finish!

What is a loyalty programme?

A loyalty programme is a powerful marketing tool aimed at increasing the loyalty of your customers. This can be done in various ways, such as rewarding customers for certain purchases or behaviour or simply for being a customer, or offering an extra service or inspiration to increase the affinity with your brand. A loyalty programme can also aim to collect data from customers so that you can send them targeted information.

Loyalty programme examples: from rewards programme to online lottery

The best-known form of a loyalty programme is a rewards programme where your customers save for lovely gifts. In this way they are rewarded for their loyalty. Well-known examples of this are rewards campaigns in supermarkets, the ING Point Store, and Flying Blue, KLM’s loyalty programme where customers save for gifts, flights, upgrades and hotel rooms. But loyalty programmes can also be set up in other ways, like an online lottery or sending a present on a customer’s birthday. For more inspiration, read our cases or contact us to discuss the possibilities!

What can you achieve with a loyalty programme from Sparco?

You will have specific goals in mind when you start a loyalty programme. Whether you want to increase your sales by stimulating repeat purchases, gain insight into customer behaviour or collect customer data, your goals always guide us. That is why our programmes are based on hard data and set up in such a way that we can see exactly whether the desired results are being achieved. We call this smart loyalty.

Loyalty concepts

A loyalty programme starts with a rock-solid concept. The programme must be distinctive and seamlessly match the style and values of your organisation. That is why we develop a customised loyalty concept in consultation with you. A concept that suits your company and has a major impact!

Loyalty as a service

Sparco offers loyalty as a service. This is a full-service approach to set up and realise your loyalty programme from A to Z: from creation to implementation. With our strategy and concept developers, we create a very strong concept which we can realise using our Webcentives software platform. If necessary, our developers can also develop a customised programme. Thanks to our warehouse, our digital rewards centre and our service and after-sales department, the selection of gifts and the processing of orders are also in good hands with us. This full-service approach makes Sparco unique and ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We can also take care of parts of the process for you. For example, if you have a loyalty programme but no rewards or warehouse of your own, you can leave this to us. We call this loyalty fulfilment.

B2B loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes are often offered by organisations and companies and are therefore often associated with the B2B sector. But if you look at the target group, you can distinguish between B2B and B2C loyalty programmes.

Loyalty programmes are not always aimed at the end customer. A loyalty programme is also a powerful marketing tool in the B2B sector, where the decisions made are often based on calculations and budgets. For example, you can reward your resellers for certain performances or offer training through a B2B loyalty programme. We are specialised in B2B loyalty programmes and have developed many successful programmes to date. Take a look at the Ingram Micro and Rensa cases.

Create customer loyalty with B2C loyalty programmes

Compared to the B2B sector, purchases in the B2C sector are more often impulsive and based on emotion. That is why a B2C loyalty programme is an excellent opportunity to bind customers to your company or organisation. This ensures more turnover and a mountain of useful information. The possibilities for these types of programmes are endless. That is why Sparco is happy to help you devise a suitable loyalty solution and implement it for you from start to finish!

Examples of a B2C loyalty programme

The rewards programme is the best-known form of a B2C loyalty programme. It offers customers the opportunity to save for discounts, gifts or other offers. Loyal customers are rewarded and tempted to come back more often. Well-known examples of rewards campaigns are the ING Point Store and Flying Blue, KLM’s loyalty programme. But loyalty programmes can also aim to increase the affinity with your brand, for example, by offering inspiration or an extra service. A B2C loyalty programme is also an excellent way to collect valuable information about customers.

For more examples of B2C loyalty programmes, check out our cases or contact us to discuss the options!