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Outsource loyalty fulfilment and logistics? Sparco can help!

If you have a loyalty programme and want to outsource certain parts, or have set up a loyalty programme for one of your clients and could use help with the implementation, Sparco will gladly arrange this. We can put together a suitable range of gifts, and we are also happy to take over the processing of the orders from you in our warehouse – including customer service and after-sales. Complete loyalty fulfilment so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Catalogue management by Sparco

Sparco specialises in catalogue management, an important part of any campaign because the success of your loyalty programme depends on a good product range. Our very wide range means we can almost always find a reward that matches your existing loyalty programme. We supply over 150 top brands spread over 25 product categories. Our basic gift catalogue offers a wide choice of consumer electronics and luxury goods. If our basic gift range does not match your criteria, target group or budget, we will keep looking until we have found the appropriate rewards. We also keep the range up-to-date daily so that customers always see the most current range and disappointments are avoided.

Outsourcing logistics

Sparco can also take care of the entire logistics process of your loyalty programme. We automate the processes so that assortments are integrated and orders are automatically processed via APIs. We store the products in our warehouse, from where we ship them directly to end customers throughout Europe. We also provide customer service and after-sales. If you need help with campaign management or want to have an online platform developed, Sparco would be happy to do it for you. All of these components are also part of our fundamental loyalty programmes.

Benefits of loyalty fulfilment by Sparco

The most important advantage of loyalty fulfilment by Sparco is that you do not have to worry about the handling of your loyalty programme yourself. You can focus on your primary business while we help you retain your customers. We provide suitable gifts and take care of the complete handling – from processing the orders to customer service and warranty processing. Total peace of mind!

Loyalty incentive campaigns

Sparco specialises in data-driven loyalty programmes with a digital component. However, we can also help you with loyalty incentive campaigns. These are loyalty programmes with no associated digital rewards programme, like giveaways, prize promotions, stock exchange promotions or promotions where you have to stick old-fashioned stamps. You can engage Sparco to select a suitable range and for the complete handling and shipping of orders. Contact us to discuss the possibilities without obligation!

Digital rewards centre

Besides physical rewards, Sparco can also provide digital rewards. The advantage of a digital reward is that you can quickly send it to customers, relations or employees without the complicated overhead. In our digital rewards centre, you will find the popular Pathé movie vouchers, to which Sparco has had the B2B sales rights since September 2020.