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Discover our clever loyalty solutions

Loyalty marketing is the best way to create maximum customer value. With the right programme you ensure that your customers become loyal customers, and a loyal customer translates into money.

Loyalty is difficult to achieve these days because customers feel less and less tied to brands and organisations. That is why Sparco develops measurable and result-oriented loyalty marketing solutions. With our smart loyalty solutions, we can support you in every phase of the process: from concept to implementation and evaluation. Discover our loyalty services!

What is loyalty marketing?

By loyalty marketing, we mean all marketing activities that you use to make your customers loyal to your company. Being faithful or loyal to something only happens when you experience an emotional bond with a brand. You can achieve this by improving the customer journey, by using new communication channels or by using incentive marketing. Whatever means you use, it only works if you do something that the customer is actually waiting for. The trick is to determine which resources suit your customers. Do you know how to bind your customers to your brand?

Why should I outsource loyalty marketing?

If you outsource your loyalty marketing to Sparco, you can be sure that you are investing in a campaign that suits your customers. Instead of guessing about your customers’ preferences and needs, use data analysis to map them accurately. Based on this research, you will receive customized loyalty advice that can serve as a starting point for the strategy of your loyalty programme.

Outsourcing loyalty marketing also saves you a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have much experience with it, things like setting up an online platform, selecting gifts and processing orders can mean a lot of extra time and work. By leaving your entire programme or part of it to specialists, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can focus on your primary tasks again. And that while you have full insight into the costs and results!

What loyalty solutions does Sparco offer?

Sparco can support you in every phase of your loyalty process: from concept to implementation. Even if you want to keep certain things in your own hands, we are happy to support and unburden you! You can contact us for the following solutions: