How do you make customer loyalty profitable?

In the B2C world it is very normal to focus not only on acquiring new customers, but also on retaining existing customers. The savings and loyalty programs are rampant here. It is also becoming increasingly common for B2B companies to reward loyal customers by letting them save for all kinds of popular products. If you set it up smartly, you can also achieve extra turnover and profit with loyalty, perhaps even more than with acquiring new customers. Think of reducing the outflow of existing customers, cross and upsell or stimulating repeat purchases. Make sure that it becomes a separate vehicle that only your marketing department is involved with. In our view, to take full advantage of the positive effects of your loyalty program, you must ensure that it is an integral part of your business strategy. In this white paper we explain why loyalty is so important in B2B and how you can ensure that an effective loyalty program is actually profitable, because that is what it is all about in the end. We illustrate this with two cases from daily practice. Read and learn!

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How do you make customer loyalty profitable?
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