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Rensa: the benefits of data-driven loyalty in practice

While the online focus of consumers is growing, professional buyers sometimes need a little push to go to the webshop. For Rensa, stimulating and rewarding online orders was the starting point for a new loyalty concept that is more data-driven.

Rensa, a wholesaler in the installation market, decided that they wanted to stimulate repeat traffic to the webshop. The main goal was to increase the turnover for their key brand partners. Together we set out a new, data-driven loyalty strategy. The result is a programme in which campaigns form an important part. I spoke with Carolien Elfrink of Rensa about the benefits of this new system in practice.

Carolien Elfrink has worked in the Marketing and Communication Department at Rensa Heating and Ventilation for 13 years. She has specialised in the field of loyalty at Rensa in recent years. She maintains contact with the suppliers that are part of the Rensa Rewards programme.

Rensa has deliberately chosen to specialise in heating and ventilation. For complex technical issues, the installer can call the Rensa Technical Department. In addition to extensive knowledge about the range, Rensa offers a variety of logistics solutions to ensure that the work is carried out as effectively as possible on the construction site.

“A clear growth is now visible in the number of online orders.”

Rensa Rewards programme

Customers earn points on online orders with the Rensa Rewards programme. Handy, because you can store much more information online with deep links and filter on technical specifications. The customer can also immediately see which items generate Rewards. A clear growth is now visible in the number of online orders, which is further capitalised on with Rewards. A combination of a basic reward for retention and the use of campaigns to stimulate certain behaviour was chosen for the programme; to focus on growth.

Part of the marketing strategy

For suppliers, this is also a good marketing tool to increase brand loyalty. The programme provides enormous exposure. Customers are notified by e-mail about their rewards achieved with a specific supplier’s campaign. And that reward can lead to a direct order in the gift shop. This promotes a positive brand experience.

The loyalty programme is a part of Rensa’s marketing strategy. The tools for preparing reports on the participants come from Sparco. Rensa also retrieves data about the participants and their online behaviour from their own systems.

“The campaign-based approach ensures that targets and revenue streams can be controlled.”

Campaigning approach

20 Rewards partners, suppliers of Rensa, are participating in the programme at the moment. Rensa determines where the focus should be with these suppliers. This can be a new product or a certain product range that needs a little more attention. It is important to clearly formulate the objective prior to each campaign in order to analyse whether the campaign has contributed to achieving this objective. The campaigns, therefore, ensure that targets and revenue flows can be controlled.

Communication about the programme is done online and by e-mail. This makes the programme more customer-friendly and easier to use than the traditional rewards programme that Rensa used to work with.

“For us, data-driven loyalty is the future. And we are open to all possibilities that can still be realised.”

Data-driven loyalty is the future

Rensa started the Rewards programme in September. And the number of customers signing up is growing. By focusing on an online programme, you have more data available. That makes data-driven loyalty the future. Rensa wants to continue to focus on the possibilities that data-driven loyalty entails in the coming years. A loyalty programme remains just a part of your marketing strategy. You can get a lot of data from the programme, but customer behaviour will always be stimulated by a mix of marketing activities.

Partnership with Sparco

“We are very happy with the support from Sparco. We can now set up the campaigns ourselves via our CMS, but they provide the technical support. Sparco processes the data and provides intelligence about the calculations of the points. It took an intensive process to get this technically right. Sparco also assisted us in arranging the standard communication moments with the participants. Points updates and other fixed communication matters now also run automatically.

Sparco has been our partner in thinking up this whole concept and getting it off the ground by linking it to our ERP. They also offer marketing support, arrange communication and source special Rewards that are attractive to the participants in the programme.”

Involved account manager:
Ali Al Bana
Ali Al Bana
Involved project manager:
Danny Hendrikse
Danny Hendrikse

“A clear growth is now visible in the number of online orders.”

Carolien Elfrink