Personalisation offers new loyalty opportunities

Every self-respecting retailer has a rewards or loyalty programme these days, even in the B2B sector. It sounds great, but it all comes down to the same thing: buy from us and save for wonderful gifts. So how do you distinguish yourself? I am convinced that the personalisation of your rewards or loyalty programme is a must. Everyone wants to feel unique, right? By seamlessly connecting your programme to the needs of the participants, your customer loyalty will receive a significant boost.

The better your loyalty programme meets customer needs, the higher the customer loyalty.

Less is more, as long as you make it personal

With all due respect, many rewards and loyalty programmes are relatively standard and, therefore, interchangeable. The offer is often wide, and the rules and the rewards you can choose from are essentially the same for everyone. But every customer is different. So why not customise the programme to the individual if you can? Consider, for example, offering rewards based on interest. Or rewarding the achievement of individual goals based on past performance. In this case, less is more applies. As long as you make it personal. The better your programme suits your customers, the more emotional connection they will experience with your company. And the more likely they are to share their enthusiasm with others on social media. This covers multiple bases.

Personalised campaigns in practice

There are already organisations working on personalising their reward and loyalty programmes. For example, a wholesaler in heating and ventilation systems sends personalised campaigns to its clients. Based on information about the client, they are classified into specific profiles or specific groups which can then be approached in a very targeted manner: a supplier that specialises in air conditioners will only receive promotions relating to that.

a.s.r goes even further. The insurer rewards customers through the a.s.r. Vitality programme if they exercise more. Depending on your sports performance, tracked with a sports watch, your personal goal changes every few weeks (this is fully automated, of course). If you reach your personal goal, you receive points that you can exchange for wonderful gifts. Personalisation at its best. 

In a digital society, a personal approach is a must.

Not taking advantage of the possibilities is a missed opportunity

In our contemporary society, in which more and more is happening online and there is less and less room for human contact, a personal approach is a must. In retail, it is quite normal that customers in the webshop environment only see the products that they find interesting. However, in the B2B sector, personalisation, especially when it comes to loyalty and rewarding, is still in its infancy.

While there are so many possibilities. Why not adapt your rewards offer to your customer? You cannot tempt a Formula 1 fan with tickets for the European Championship football final, but you can with tickets for the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. And wouldn’t it be great if as a supplier you could target your campaigns specifically at companies in regions that have not yet embraced your brand? This allows you to use your budget a lot more efficiently than if you randomly approach everyone. The (technical) possibilities are there, so make use of them.

Small steps based on available data

Collecting relevant customer data is crucial for this: from personal data and interests to purchasing behaviour and behaviour on social media. Based on the customer data you have available, take a critical look at your current rewards or loyalty programme and think about how you can make it a little more personal. You really don’t have to make major changes right away, small steps can sometimes make a world of difference.

More information?

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